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15 second bio

○ Product Owner @ Clarivate & Product Manager @ Toptal
○ Helped build, re-shape and scale numerous digital products
○ Had my own publishing house once, and also 2-3 failed startups
○ Fluent in Norwegian, English and Serbian
○ Translated a few books, held a TEDx Talk
○ Based in Belgrade, Serbia
○ Working remotely and traveling around

Things I Like

○ Digital gardening
○ Personal Kanban
○ Tools for Thought (TFT)
○ Nordics

Learning & Reading

Currently[1] I'm learning:

  1. German[2]
  2. Lean Agile Visual Management by Modus Institute
  3. and advanced uses of Roam Research

Books / Goodreads: currently reading | read | want to read


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