I had a chance to help build up, re-shape, and grow different businesses and (digital) products, wearing multiple hats to handle complex stakeholder relations and challenges for 5+ years, and work in communications and marketing for another 5.

Since the summer of 2019, I focused full-time on my freelance work, helping a number of diverse organizations build, pivot, and grow their product(s): from startups launching their MVP, NGOs, and SMBs; over growth-companies with $1-5M in ARR; to a large enterprise client. Before that, I led a Danish MarTech startup as COO, with a strong focus on developing the product ecosystem and maximizing value around our platforms.

I’m passionate about products, initiatives, and business models that work well for internal and external stakeholders alike – as we all share a fundamental commitment to delivering value for the future success of not only our organizations, but our local and global communities, society, and planet.

Founder of Kovačnica priča (Story smithery) publishing house, and Resilience-led Business®. 

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