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Milos Belcevic is a seasoned Product Manager working at Clarivate, and Toptal. He successfully built, reshaped, and grew products in numerous industries, contributing to the success of organizations ranging from MIT startup to international corporations. Also had a few failed startups, and a successful publishing house.

He spoke internationally, as well as held a TEDx talk. He's passionate about product management, lean and agile topics. Currently focusing on his work, speaking, and writing a book on applying Product Thinking to everyday life – Build Your Way

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Milos Belcevic

Chosen Talks

ACE! Conference – API Product Management 101, May 2023
the largest Central European conference on software development and product building

Product-Led Summit Amsterdam – Game of Product Thrones, May 2023

BAistanbul – Product Ownership for tech-heavy products, March 2023

Roadmaps Conference – Become a domain expert as a PM in the new industry, September 2022

Startit Meetup – Agile 101: Introduction to agile career paths, February 2020

TEDxVršac – Technology for positive changes in society, June 2016

ACE! Conference
Krakow, Poland – May 2023

API Product Management 101:
Survival Guide for Non-Technical PMs

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Are you a non-technical product manager tasked with leading a tech-heavy product such as an API? It can be intimidating to be responsible for a product that you may not have a technical background in. However, with the right strategies and mindset, it is possible to be successful also when you come from a non-technical or non-traditional background. In this talk, I explained how to learn on the job and hit the ground running. The focus was on API product management, based on first-hand experience, but the principles could be applied to any technical product or a new field you’re entering as a PM.

Main Takeaways: skills and principles for success in a tech-heavy environment, digital mindset, and cross-pollination; managing APIs as products, API types, life cycle, key success factors and KPIs.

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ACE! Conference Speaker Feedback

Product-Led Summit Amsterdam
Amsterdam, the Netherlands – May 2023

Game of (product) thrones:
Survival framework for less death and more success

Exploring succeeding in product, while also taking care of ourselves – both our career and our well-being. These go closely together, and improvements in one area help improve the other, but we don’t (usually) address them holistically. Additionally, isn’t it weird for product professionals that we tend to forget the ‘product mindset’ when it comes to ourselves, our relationships, and personal and career goals?

Main Takeaways: Mental models, product management frameworks and best practices that can inform us and help navigate managing oneself as 'our own, most important product'.

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BAistanbul Conference
Turkey (online) – March 2023

Product Ownership for tech-heavy products:
Survival guide for non-tech PO’s

Product Ownership comes with different challenges due to diverse nature of the work itself, as well as industries, organizations and products we serve. Things get additionally complex dealing with tech-heavy products – such APIs, AI-based solutions, or products based on emerging technologies. Especially if you come from a non-tech or non-traditional background. This talk shares personal experiences and learnings, as well as best practices and theory, in order to help you on this journey.

Main Takeaways: Product skills vs. domain knowledge; learning to learn and managing the 'not-learned'; digital mindset; working with(in) technical teams.

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Roadmaps Conference
Serbia (online) – September 2022

Become a domain expert as a PM in the new industry

Main Takeaways: The need for and benefits of working in different domains as product manager, best practices and techniques for learning on the go and hitting the ground running.

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Startit Meetup
Subotica, Serbia – February 2020

Agile 101: Introduction to agile career paths

Main Takeaways: Agile careers such as Scrum Master and Product Owner; skills, challenges and opportunities

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Vrsac, Serbia – June 2016

Technology for positive changes in society
(Tehnologijom do pozitivnih društvenih promena)

Main Takeaways: The cities of Serbia are wonderful, however, they have been plagued by one problem for a long time - hateful graffiti. But imagine that each of us has the solution at hand, in our mobile phone. Let's drive hatred from the streets, show how funny and open we are, and prove that our cities and neighborhoods are a place for diversity and inclusion.

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