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I'm product manager, maker and author based in Belgrade, Serbia.

🤵 15 Second Bio

Currently, I work as a senior product manager at Clarivate and at Toptal.
Wrote a book on applying product management to life. Built, reshaped, and scaled numerous digital products
for clients ranging from an MIT startup to international corporations. Spoke at TEDx and many agile and product conferences

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Some (side)projects

A book on applying product management to personal life.
200+ pages with practices, tips, frameworks and personal experiences.
Link: buildyourway.me

Pseudocode and other poetry is a project where I write poems
inspired by coding and technology, and that sometimes look like (pseudo)code.
All illustrations in the book are AI-generated..
Link: Pseudocode and Other Poetry

Short videos explaining principles, frameworks, tips and tricks
from product management applied to personal life. All in under 2 minutes.
The project started in October 2023, with the goal of creating 100 "bites" within a year.
Link: productbites.me

Online space to share, nurture and shape ideas.
Practically speaking, it's something between private notes and blog, used for learning and building in public.
Link: garden.mbelcevic.me

Spoke at 15+ product and agile conferences (e.g. BA-Istanbul, Product-Led Summit Amsterdam, TEDx Vrsac and ACE!)

Freelanced as an innovation and tech journalist and wrote 20+ interviews and features
for the most significant business, leadership and diplomacy magazine in Serbia and the region in English, CorD Magazine.
Interviewed leaders from companies including Google, IBM, Alibaba Group, City AI, and Viber.

Published over 15 books in Serbian and translation from Norwegian, Finnish, English and Danish.
Collaborated with embassies, and universities, and organized over 30 events such as book promotions.

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